Statement on Studio Practice 2019

My current practice centers around ideas relating to the virtual nature of our modern visual world, and its influence on our physical reality. Life, death, power, love, and sex take on new meaning in the digital world, existing outside the norms of physical society. This ongoing body of work explores the ways in which these cornerstones of human identity are abstracted in the context of modern technology. In one instance, image sharing has become a source of value, envy and profit for those able to produce images worthy of digital currency in the form of follows and likes. Instagram accounts such as @richkidsofinstagram or @bon_et_copieux often paint a picture of flawless beauty, exotic lifestyles and a culture of exhibitionism; where symbols of wealth including stacks of cash, Rolex watches and pricey champagne are flaunted as trophies of success. One component of my current body of work, explores the ways in which this system of power can be circumvented. Using 3-D modeling and photo-realistic rendering, similar images of power, wealth and success are fabricated, sidestepping the traditional physical and financial requirements of true ownership.


Kris Pierce is an artist working in Dallas, Texas. His work explores notions of power, value, and states of consciousness in the context of our modern digital world. He has exhibited internationally in museums, galleries, and public spaces, including recent solo and group exhibitions at the Hiroshima Art Center, Japan; CICA Museum, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea; Gallerie Se Konst, Falun, Sweden; Réunion, Zurich, Switzerland; Circuit 12 Contemporary, Dallas; Blue Star Contemporary, San Antonio; the Dallas Museum of Art; and RL Window, Ryan/Lee, New York City.